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Buffed & Polished Brass Hardware for a Railroad Car Application

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Polished Brass Hardware
From tire covers to railroad hardware, E.B. Buffing, Inc. does it all. This featured brass hardware component, designed for use within a railroad car application for MetroNorth, came to us in need of polishing. Measuring 3.25" by 2", with 4 holes with an outside diameter of .250" each, the brass component underwent polishing according to our client's standards. Once a satin finish was achieved and we ensured the hardware component met all specifications, we delivered it to our client in New York. For more information about this project or to learn about other E.B. Buffing, Inc. projects, please contact us.

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Polished Brass Hardware For A Railroad Car Project Highlights

Product DescriptionThis polished brass hardware piece with a satin finish is used within a railroad car application for MetroNorth
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPolish
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 3.5"
Width: 2"
4 Holes: ø.250"
Material UsedBrass
Max Material FinishSatin Finish
Industry for UseRailroad
Delivery LocationNew York
Standards MetCustomer Supplied Standards
Product NameBrass Railroad Car Hardware